Report and Prayer Requests for Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster


Greetings in the precious name of our Savior Jesus Christ!

Since the evening of April 14th the large area of Kyushu around Kumamoto prefecture has been hit by series of strong earthquakes and landslides including four major shocks above magnitude of 6.0, with 44 confirmed dead, 9 missing, more than 1,000 injured and 200,000 evacuated. There have been more than 500 felt aftershocks since the start and people are sleeping outside in fear of aftershocks.

a landslide site in a mountain area of Kumamoto

Many churches in the area are affected and some of them are severely damaged. Despite their difficult circumstances, churches in Kumamoto and surrounding areas formed a disaster relief network together as a body of Christ to serve the people in this suffering situation. JEA is working together with this network and help coordinate and support their relief efforts with national and international church networks and resources.

a pastor and his wife in front of their collapsed church

founding meeting of the newly formed “Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center” (April 18th)

Rev. Jun Matsumoto (chair of JEA Relief Commission) on the left, Rev. Yoji Nakamura (leader of Kumamoto Relief Center) in the center, Rev. Mitsuru Oi (vice-chair of JEA Board of Directors) on the right

the first truck load from Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center (April 19th)


Prayer Requests:

1. The rescue operations by the government and emergency rescue teams to be successful.

2. Protection and recovery of affected churches and Christians in the region.

3. Japanese churches, Christian relief organizations to minister to affected people with Christ’s love.

4. Protection of relief workers from burn-outs and harmonious coordination of relief ministries.

5. Through all these, the Kingdom of God to be advanced and bring spiritual awakening to this nation of Japan.


Japan Evangelical Association

Takao Nakadai (Chair, JEA Board of Directors)

Jun Matsumoto (Chair, JEA Relief Commission)

Kenichi Shinagawa (General Secretary, JEA)


Sending donation to the JEA Relief Commission

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ


Branch Name : Jinbocho Branch (Branch Number : 013)

Account Number : 0305243

Account Name : JEA Relief Commission Chairman Jun Matsumoto


Report and Prayer Requests for Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster (PDF)

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